Our Custom Design Process

Our goal is to help you create the perfect fine jewelry piece to commemorate the important celebrations in your life. Custom design does not need to be intimidating or an expensive process. Our process is personalized and tailored to your needs and budget. Unlike others, we handle the entire  custom design process in our workshop locally. We specialize in custom design, semi-custom design, and heirloom re-design. We also carry a curated collection of engagement rings and other fine jewelry as well as offer superior repairs and expert appraisals.


Step 1: Consultation

In your initial appointment, we will work with you to create the perfect fine jewelry piece by determining your needs, wishes and budget. We offer three different major options for all types of design needs:

In an Heirloom re-design, a client creates a new beautiful new piece using stones from a passed down heirloom or older piece of jewelry. Repurposing your old jewelry is environmentally responsible, and it is a great way to preserve the sentimentality of old purchases and gifts.
 When a client wants to create a completely unique design specific to your exact specifications, that is complete custom design. In creating a completely custom design piece, the possibilities are endless!
 Semi-custom is when you elect to customize the center stone or metal of an already designed fine jewelry piece. For example, for many of our semi-custom diamond engagement rings, you can customize the center stone to your exact specifications in areas of size, quality and price and pair it with the perfect engagement ring from our curated collection. 


    Step 2: Sourcing

    Once we set the parameters, we canvas the market, using our global contacts to find the right diamonds and stones for the job.


    Step 3: CAD Sketch

    After our initial consultation, our master jeweler will render a 3D computer animated design that can help you visualize the design and make edits. Depending on the timeframe and the comfort level of the client, this step can be skipped to expedite the process.



    Step 4: Wax

    From the CAD, we then create a 3D print wax mold in house. The wax mold will allow you to physically touch and feel your ring and make further edits if needed.


    Step 5: Casting

    In the final stage, casting, your custom design begins to take shape in the chosen precious metal. Our one of a kind casting oven is from Germany and is the finest in the industry. Once casted, our master jeweler then polishes and sets the stones in house. From the initial conversation, design approvals, and crafting and stone setting process, your unique creation is always in trusted hands.