Diamond Upgrade

At any time, our customers may have the opportunity to upgrade the Hannon diamond for one of greater worth. We will issue full credit for your original diamond with proof of purchase and verification of original quality, condition and personal ownership. The price for the new diamond must be at least fifty percent higher than the price of the original stone. All original laboratory reports are required. This policy does not apply to mountings or Laboratory Grown Diamonds.

Statement of Replacement Value Report

We provide our promise of value to you in writing with our Statement of Replacement Value Report for insurance purposes.

This complementary Document includes detailed information about your jewelry, including any gemstones and diamonds, and can be used for acquiring insurance coverage. For diamond engagement rings, we will issue complementary updates for this report for the first 10 years.

Jewelry Cleaning Policy

For as long as you own your jewelry from Hannon, we will provide a complementary cleaning and inspection of your jewelry on regular basis. We recommend to our customers to bring us your pieces at least twice per year for this free service. This does not include the cost of any repairs needed.